Tip Easy Tipper

Super strong, perfectly balanced, tough workhorse for any use

Once you have a Tip Easy, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. The tippers main purpose is for filling/emptying stables. Made very strong and all gal steel to cop the punishment horse farms give to trailers. Fold around tail gate for fast emptying. Rubber rollers on the bottom of tray so the trailer doesn’t scratch the concrete. I make different sizes 1, 2 or 3 front end loader buckets of sawdust can fit or up to about 30 stables of daily manure.

The standard two sizes are  1200 x 2000 or 1500 x 2000. They hold up to around 450Kg in the tray. I also custom make so the trailer will fit inside your stable doors. Even with a full load, the Tip Easy is easy to tow with a quad or side by ATV. If you cant reverse into the stable door way you can even push by hand into the stable and tip. This trailer is also a great allround tough trailer for general work on the farm.


What people say about the Tip Easy

The Tip Easy said it all after the first day of emptying out the barn, No one hides anymore to go to empty the trailer. On average it takes 15 to 18 seconds to tip and you’re gone. We just back the tipper into the outside stables and tip. It takes two trailers to fill a standard stable or about 10 minutes and then all you do is rake the box level.

-Peter Boyle, Sefton Park

My first reaction was I’m not paying that for a trailer!!! When it was very wet the other week we started emptying the stables and filling with fresh sawdust. Our stables are 5 metres x 5 metres so they are a big box. It took 3 trailers to fill and the girls just couldn’t stop raving about the tipper – they just loved it. They could back straight to where they wanted in the stable and tip. The cast iron castor wheels on the back of the tipper tray are a great idea as they make it so easy to pull forward and the tray doesn’t scrape on the concrete. Then we simply just had to level the box.

What it saves in time and hard labour, worth the money? Yes!

– Andrew Russel, Evergreen Farm

I have purchased 5 of Steve’s tipping trailers for the stud and am extremely happy with them. They are perfect for the job, easy to operate for the staff and maintenance free.

I would not hesitate in recommending Steve’s products for anyone looking for a high quality of workmanship and design.

– Paul Thompson, Baramul Stud



They are tough and handle the hard work day in day out