About me.

Do it once, do it right

Stephen Irwin Equine Products was established in 1985

After 35 years in the thoroughbred industry, I’ve seen a hell of a lot. One day you have a horse worth millions and the next it’s injured and worth bugger all.

I have proven myself in the industry and put my money where my mouth is. There have been times when I have ridden the crest of the wave and then there have been times when bad decisions and just bad luck bring you back to earth with a hell of a thud.  Looking back now, there were times when I was offered the right advice and many times was told “you don’t need to do it that way” – hindsight is a great thing.

This is where I want to help the industry by providing custom-made products, services, expertise and industry knowledge.

I pride myself on service and quality workmanship. My aim is to become the number one provider to you for all your custom made equine products.

  • farm set up & design consulting services
  • custom made trailers & tippers
  • stables
  • shelters
  • mare and foal crushes
  • round yards
  • paddock hay feeders
  • bulka bag dispensers etc

If you want it, I can custom make it to suit your needs.  If anything I “over build”  because the fact is simple:  you paid me to do a job and my motto is do it once and do it right.

If I make a product and it has a problem or you are not happy with it, let me know.  Our products are tried and tested in the industry and new inventions are in the production line all the time. Even with the tried and tested products, we are always looking to improve.

For my business to grow, I need you to be happy with my service and products. If there is anything you think we can do to improve our products or service, please let me know.

I am lucky.  I have met, worked and been in partnership with some great people in the thoroughbred industry. I am now putting into practice what I have learnt.

So whether I am making a trailer, stable or horse crush, helping design a new set up on a farm or even going and offering advice on yearling preparation/helping train staff for parading yearlings, maybe it’s time for you to be wise and source the right person for the right job.


Best Regards

Stephen Irwin