Horse Stables, Horse Stalls, Horse Boxes, Barns and Stable Complexes

Our stables are designed with the horse and handler as number one priorities and are safe and practical.

We can supply stables in any configuration. We can also supply stables in kit form and they can be delivered Australia wide. From 1 to 100 we can make them to suit your needs and all you have to do is stand in position and secure them together.

We make stables from  3.6m x 3.6m stalls up to 6m x 6m stalls. We have built complexes with up to 35 stalls, although there’s really no limit. Whatever you need, we can design and build it for you.

Our most popular stable is the rubber lined 4m x 4m stable. The rubber comes to 1350mm high and then mesh to 2400mm high. The rubber is 15mm thick and has 5mm steel cable inserted every 10mm for strength (not many stable builders use this rubber as it is heavy and very hard to cut – we don’t cut corners as your investment in a stable for the safety of your horse is number 1.) The mesh we use is a 50mm x 50mm rectangle and is a 5mm wire  (the strongest on the market).

We also make 6m x 6m broodmare stables.  These are rubber lined the same as the 4m x 4m stables but they are a very roomy stable and very popular. They would also suit the big types of horses – warmbloods etc.

We have made some lovely timber stables over the years. We use kiln dried hardwood timber and it stains up well.

We have made a complete 22 stable complex and also 5 x  2 stable cottages.

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