Farm Design & Set-up

I offer a consulting service at a flat hourly rate to come to your farm and provide you with advice on appropriate set up & design, from start to finish.

30 years in the industry has given me a deep knowledge of what goes into setting up a successful farm and I’ve built 4 farms from scratch.

My results speak for themselves in terms of ensuring my farm set up & design provided a cost-effective infrastructure and added value to my bottom line:

  • The first farm I bought for $180,000 and sold it 3 months later for $260,000. It is now part of Emirates Park.
  • The second I bought for $220,000 and sold 4 years later for $960,000 to John Thompson of Coronet Farm.
  • The third I bought at Aberdeen on the Segenhoe Road for $1,300,000 and sold 20 months later to Nathan Tinkler for $2,950,000.

When setting up a successful farm you have to be prepared to:

  • look outside the square
  • take your time
  • plan the setting

Little things add up.  Building four farms from scratch took a hell of a lot of work and even more money. It’s easy sitting at the table and scratching figures and timeframes on paper for the fencing, the building of stables, etc.  However, if you have a budget, the chances are very high of that blowing right out.

That’s where my expertise can take many of your headaches away and possibly save you thousands!

Please feel free to contact me for advice on your individual farm set up & design.

What people say about Stephen

We have contracted Stephen over the years to improve our facilities, mainly re-constructing (almost completely) our covered sand yards as well as our day yards, also building a brand new Round yard which has made our breaking-in process so much easier and safer. Stephen has always been very easy to deal with, giving helpful suggestions along the way, He has good ideas and is happy to share them. The fact he has been in the horse industry for so long helps, as he understands what our needs are.

Everything he has built for us is as good as the day it was finished.

– Darryl Leigh

Over the past 10 years Stephen Irwin has supplied and built the following for myself and farms I have managed:

  • Complete vet yard setup with lane way
  • Paddock fencing and gates
  • Tip Easy trailer
  • Stable fronts
  • 2 mare and foal crushes
  • Feed up tray for ute back
  • Paddock hay racks

All were built and designed with the horses’ safety as number one priority, the quality of workmanship was fantastic and when we needed a new crush within 24 hours Stephen made it happen in 12.

Having someone who is regarded as one of the best Australian horseman in the thoroughbred industry and who has proven himself with building his own farms is a no-brainer to get products built by him as he makes it horse and staff friendly and it simply works and works and works.

– Peter Boyle