Horse Feeder Paddock Hay Racks for Small/Big squares

For feeding horses hay in the paddocks, our very popular hay racks are made with the horse’s safety as the number one priority. 

Our racks feature strong galvanised steel construction, are very sturdy and there are no sharp edges anywhere on the rack. Fill it up with 6-8 bales and forget about it for a week!  They also help with parasite problems.

The hay racks can be towed to a different position in the paddock with a medium  size ATV or lifted on tractor forks.

We make paddock  hay racks with or without roofs for small squares and big squares. They are 2400mm long, 1200mm wide and 1800 high.

Our exclusive design has a door on the end to make filling the rack quick and easy. You can really load them up with no worries about the feed getting wet.

NOTE: This is the ONLY paddock hay rack on the market that is closed in both ends, has a very easy door to fill the rack and does not have a roof protruding out over the edges.

Our new big square bale feeders are proving very popular. Simply lift the big square in and cut the strings.  

We have sold paddock racks and stable feeders to many of the major horse properties in Australia including:  Brooklyn Farm, Kia Ora Stud, Byerly Stud, Eliza Park, Twin Palms , Bell River, Sefton Park, Turangga Stud, Peter Orton to name a few.